Friday, November 19, 2010

Risky Business

One of the most exciting, stimulating, thought provoking events in the calendar. The idea is to promote a different way of seeing healthcare, by invoking parallels from other industries, occupations, walks of life. It is in equal measures exhilarating, thought provoking, sad, and optimistic. The varied speakers show how one can overcome adversity, achieve excellence, and succeed in the most challenging conditions. On the other hand, some speakers can almost bring one to tears with their descriptions of adversity and hardship; the daughter of a Tory MP killed in the Brighton bomb speaking on stage with the former IRA member who planted the bomb; the cardiac intensivist describing the trauma of litigation following the death of a child, the Canadian physician who demonstrates the weakness of our thinking patterns which lead us to cause mistakes. Well worth checking out. Risky Business. Registration is free. The highlights for me were the first day, devoted to paediatrics, not available to view. The evidence shown from Cincinnati Childrens demonstrating the effectiveness of their drive to zero harm was outstanding.

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